Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real Results Or a Real Flop-Penis Enlargement

There are many ways you can go when it comes to penis. There are pills, pumps, creams, devices and exercises. I have some of those moments.

Pills - If you think you take a pill to enlarge your penis, its crazy! Smilen Bob "was a funny commercial, but they do not work for growth.

Pumps - While sucking blood into the penis like a vacuum and have inflated the results are not permanent and may cause a permanent damage to your penis, as most of the pump. That is enough for me to be held from demons.

Creams - Um .. See the description of the pills!

Devices - These functions, if you have the right to choose. Not cheap if you want to these results. The best penis device is not that you should not work - the machine does everything for you. How all this will take time, but if we stick to what you can expect good profits.

Exercises - As devices they work. You must maintain a regular training "calendar and more to do. Just as working with weights, the penis needs time to rest after training. I recommend exercise 3 times a week to start and no more than 4 days per week.

I have personally used a penis enlargement device, exercises and a pump. I used the bomb when he was 16 and I'm happy my penis is still active. Literally could watch television in my room and have this thing for hours pumping! Then my penis started taking a cowardly way (heavier than a good description), I stopped using it.

My favorite right now is to exercise. I grew more than 2 inches and is not necessary to use the device more. In exercising my penis 3 times a week, and I stay fit. My favorite exercise is the computer Flex, not because you can do anywhere, but because it makes your erection as hard as a rock. You feel you can bust through a brick wall with it!

To exercise the penis to extend, you can visit a website I found that the free exercise explained. There are some videos. Check it out and keep it ... You see the results.

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